Water supplying industry – Sayatchi village use case

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One typical use case, reported by a water utility company in village Sayatchi, Central Bulgaria.

The Water utility company is using water consumption real time monitoring solution provided by IoTNet as  IoTNet LoRaWan network, delivered by Everynet, IoTNet own LoRaWan pulse metering devices and “WateReal” MDMS system to control and supervise the water infrastructure and resources consumption.

While the village normal water consumption is 0.8 – 1.2 L/s, sudden jump of the consumption to 2.7 L/s around 15:00 lead to major problem indication, since the consumption started to jump up and down:





The water consumption mirrors the operational regime of the village reserved tank – the water in the network is fully utilised, following by start of the water pumps to supply water from the reserved tank, it is utilized again on the next day and again finished.

This is the normal operational regime of pump system when regularly filling the tank and going to standby regime






On the first chart seen that after getting the problem indication and maintenance work start, the problem is resolved and the water consumption returns to normal levels and normal trend.

There is clear indication on the MDMS platform, that during the problem timeframe, the  water meter went into saturation regime of more than 80% of the time being > Q4 parameters, while after the repair went back to normal regime between Q2 and Q3 as 73% of the time






Thanks to MDMS system also seen, that during the problem the water  consumption is almost equal the whole day in different time slots and will go back to normal trends after the repair