Water supplying industry – high in the mountains use case

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One use case, reported by a water utility company in high mountain area with a very difficult access during the winter

The Water utility company is using water consumption real time monitoring solution provided by IoTNet as  IoTNet LoRaWan network, delivered by Everynet, IoTNet own LoRaWan pulse metering devices and “WateReal” MDMS system to control and supervise the water infrastructure and resources consumption.

The water consumption daily trend, indicated by the LoRaWan based monitoring solution, started to be suspiciously high during the winter, jumping from 1.6 L/s to 2.7 L/s average consumption, however very difficult to get access to water infrastructure places and verify the case. Normally this type of investigations are left for several months before the weather conditions and access allows to make the regular inspection on site, without any preliminary information to be present

However the LoraWan based monitoring solution served as a clear indication that the problem exists is at a quite big scale . Succeeding to get on site in difficult weather and road conditions, the utility company succeed to rectify the problem and bring the water consumption in normal levels.

The extra consumption per day was around 70 m3 (70 tones) and leaving the problem unsolved for additional 1 or 2 months will give extra consumption of 2000 – 3000 tones water, supplied by water pumps – and this requires water pumps operation every day at average consumption 100 kWh daily, or around 6000 kWh for 2 months. This the equivalent cost of additional expenditures (in our case converted to actual savings)  if the problem was not rectified on time.