Water supply industry – two cases on heavy incidents and results of their neutralisations.

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Two use cases, reported by a water utility company in two towns in North-East Bulgaria, that bring sustainable water service and savings

The Water utility company is using water consumption real time monitoring solution provided by IoTNet as  IoTNet LoRaWan network, delivered by Everynet, IoTNet own LoRaWan pulse metering devices and “WateReal” MDMS system to control and supervise the water infrastructure and resources consumption.

The reported cases are on the field, where observed high level of water consumption due to data in real time from LoRaWan network and investigating large terrain area to discover two underground leakages that were raising the total consumption from 3.1 L/s to 4.6 L/s.

After problem resolution, the consumption returns back to the normal levels









The sum-up of the data is that the problem resolution saves 135 m3 (tones) pump water to be supplied, these are 4000 m3 (tones) per month,  this is equivalent (with utilisation coefficient of 0.7) to 3000 kWh energy saved only! On top saved the actual water pumped (4000 m3 monthly) that can be used and provided to other places .





The second case is pure indication on problem solving, bringing the high level of water consumption from 17 L/s to 14 L/s, as well as the minimal water consumption (in low traffic hours) from 2L/s as constant flow to  0 L/s

The water savings are 120-150 m3 (tones) daily or 3500 – 4500 m3 (tones) monthly.

All data is present on the MDMS system both graphical and table view thanks to LoRaWan solution , providing consumption data in real time